Oh Hi… Why don’t you read these? (You’re here anyways!)

Why I’m Calling Bullsh*t on Miscarriages Why I’m Glad My Son Rides the ‘Short Bus’ Advertisements

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My Son Can’t Walk and That’s Fine With Me

I am often posed the question, usually by strangers, of whether or not my son can walk. It’s not the question that gets me cooking: it’s the expectant, waiting faces that get me every time. The faces usually switch from hopeful to disappointed when I say “he used to walk.” It’s a bit awkward. In another dimension (possibly […]

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I Know Exactly How to Quit You, Camp

Alright, alright. So I made a big stink out of getting B-man into a City Summer Camp. I went through the whole process of applying for and obtaining a 1:1 support person (which included no fewer than 4 interviews and 7 sets of paperwork because apparently the City doesn’t own a photocopier). We got him his […]

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I am funny!

Here is something funny I wrote for Bluntmoms.com: Hey Yoga Chick, I’m the Mom Who Just Ruined Your Savasana And to make your day even more special here are my favourite comments so far: “Get over yourself and find a new yoga instructor!” “This person clearly doesn’t “get” yoga and shouldn’t be doing it!” “This […]

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I fell in love with a baby on the internet.

My heart is broken in a million pieces right now. I can’t stop crying, and I’ve been attempting to hold both my children in my arms for the past hour. A 10-month old baby from New Zealand died suddenly last night. I’m sure any sane, rational person would probably agree that yes, this is very […]

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Killing, or at least, maiming with kindness

There are definitely people out there who know exactly what to do in tragic circumstances. They know what to write on a card, what to say in that initial, awkward phone call, what type of flowers to send, and what kind of food to bring to the hospital. I am totally not one of these […]

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Why I’m allowed to brag; Why you are not, Part II

In an effort to make myself seem like less of an angry psycho, I am writing this to let the world know, “I am not an angry psycho!!!” I love my friend’s kids. I love hearing about funny shit that they do, like punching mom in the face, or shitting their pants on Santa’s lap […]

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