Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Super-Excited to Spend the Holidays in the Hospital

The rap sheet for all the stuff that’s happened to my son’s body is beginning to sound fictitious: multiple fractured femurs, pneumonia, lung failure, rodding surgeries, and more. My husband and I have spent an extraordinary amount of time in the hospital with him. While most people would rather experience a rapid succession of mouthburn […]

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Hospital Stays and the Curse of the Chocolate Timbits

My almost 4-year old son, Branko, has a sometimes scary chronic illness, and has had hospital stays anywhere between two and twenty-four days.  I had never even been inside a children’s hospital until he was first diagnosed. I had never known anyone who had a kid with a chronic illness. I was a new mom […]

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Oh Nina! (aka Nina Las Vegas, Nina-nina-palachinka, Neeners)

Oh my goodness, my little Nina is turning 1 very soon! Here she is: She wasn’t always this cute. Kidding! Of course she was always this cute, she is the cutest and happiest and best baby ever. I am hoping that if she sees this one day she will be able to appreciate the fact […]

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Surgical Dress Rehearsals

Branko was scheduled for pretty major surgery this past March. Surprisingly, our orthopedic surgeon has somewhat neat handwriting, and he described the procedure as “B/C ankle pseudoarthoses correction i intramedullary stabilization and casting. Instrumentation: Williams Rod.” We are PRETTY SURE this means they are going to line up his tibia to his ankle to correct […]

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