Killing, or at least, maiming with kindness

There are definitely people out there who know exactly what to do in tragic circumstances. They know what to write on a card, what to say in that initial, awkward phone call, what type of flowers to send, and what kind of food to bring to the hospital. I am totally not one of these […]

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A garbage-y day turned into an okay day

Branko is currently sleeping in an ICU bed at the hospital. He has Influenza B, and pneumonia in his left lung. He has an IV in both arms, and tubes sticking out of his toe, chest, and nostrils. His breathing sounds treacherous; I will definitely need hypnosis to forget these sounds.  My husband brought him […]

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All About Me!

This isn’t going to be a post about my kid. This one’s all about ME. I had a miscarriage a little while ago.  While I won’t go into detail about what my bathroom looked like (it was gross) or about my shitty doctor (he told me to stop using midwives due to my advanced maternal age), […]

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Why I’m allowed to brag; Why you are not, Part II

In an effort to make myself seem like less of an angry psycho, I am writing this to let the world know, “I am not an angry psycho!!!” I love my friend’s kids. I love hearing about funny shit that they do, like punching mom in the face, or shitting their pants on Santa’s lap […]

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Why I’m allowed to brag; Why you are not, Part I

Sorry to brag, but here he is. DOING THE ROBOT Just so we’re clear: I am allowed to brag about my son. Sorry. You, on the other hand, you lucky parent of a developmentally-normal toddler, you may not. That’s just the way it is. Let’s do the math. My son, who is almost 21 months old, […]

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Surgical Dress Rehearsals

Branko was scheduled for pretty major surgery this past March. Surprisingly, our orthopedic surgeon has somewhat neat handwriting, and he described the procedure as “B/C ankle pseudoarthoses correction i intramedullary stabilization and casting. Instrumentation: Williams Rod.” We are PRETTY SURE this means they are going to line up his tibia to his ankle to correct […]

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